How To Prevent Dry Hair

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There are a lot of products available in cosmetic stores that can help moisturize and nourish your hair to make them more hydrated and appear smooth, shiny, and beautiful. But have you ever stopped in your tracks to wonder what makes one’s hair dry? If you want to avoid dry hair, rather than finding cures to reverse the damage then follow the tips that are listed in the text below.

Washing Your Hair Tips

Many people think that washing your hair more frequently will help lock in moisture and make the hair wet, better, and less dry, or not cause dryness at all. But that is not the case. Washing hair too much strips the hair of the natural oils that are produced by the body to hydrate them. Washing hair everyday only leaves them damaged and dry and has no advantage. So, if you want your hair to shine and not be dull or damaged, wash them a little less often.

Blow Dryers And Straighteners

When you blow dry or straighten your hair, you are providing it with more heat than it absorbs from the surroundings. It eliminates the oils and the water locked in your hair and encourages dryness. Even though you should let your hair dry naturally, but if you really have to use a hair dryer, then apply a leave in conditioner in your hair and then blow dry so that it acts as a shield to stop excess evaporation of moisture from your hair.

Brushing Your Hair

An old saying suggests that if you brush your hair hundred times a day, they become healthier. Well, this is a myth. Brushing your hair too much causes dryness and breakage. You can brush your hair twice a day but not more than that. If you brush your hair right after you take a shower, stop; it only leads to forcing the moisture out of your hair that has not been absorbed properly yet, leaving your hair dry and dull.

Products That Contain Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the many substances that can be found in hair products. You cannot tell the companies to stop putting alcohol in their products but what you can do is find alternate substances that do not have a hint of this drying agent. Alcohol is not good for hair and it can even harm moisturized hair by stealing away all the locked in moisture. Hair sprays that are used to hold the hair in place especially contain this harmful chemical. Want your hair to shine and not feel like grass and twigs? Stop the use of any of your hair product that has alcohol. Other reasons why your hair might be becoming dry could be the weather, a wrong shampoo or conditioner, or even your improper diet.