Healthy Hair Tips

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What are the measures one can take to keep their hair healthy and looking beautiful?

In most instances, people generally spend a great deal of time and money on maintaining their hair including regular visits to beauty salons and by using professional hair products.

However, this doesn’t always guarantee a great look or hairstyle and some even complain of suffering hair loss, thinning and hair breakage even after using and applying such products.

Is there a solution? Yes, and it can a as simple as learning the basic requirements for taking care of your hair. One of the most vital things to remember is knowing which type of your hair you have.

It’s important to know if it’s dry, naturally oily, normal in its feel and look and/or a combination of both of these. Once you have determined your proper hair type, its length and style, you can then devote the appropriate time and purchase of professional products to maintain it so that it gives you a natural and shiny look and appearance

Another really important factor to consider is your diet, you way and style of life along with other equally as important factors which can play a major role in maintaining and keeping your hair looking lustrous and very healthy in appearance.

If you fail to keep these in mind, then you are more open to various types of hair diseases due to the lack of essential vitamins, minerals and proteins needed by your body to provide you with naturally healthy looking hair.

Excessive Hair Loss and Breakage

When your body is lacking in these essential nutrients it can oftentimes result in excessive hair loss and breakage. You also face serious dandruff problems which can weaken the hair roots and make your hair dry and difficult to maintain. Diet also plays a part in early graying of the hair when you don’e take much interest in your diet.

Another important tip is you hair has a tendency to break and split while combing so it’s wise to use a wide-toothed comb especially when you live in a highly moist area. You should always use professional hair care products according to which type of hair you have. Although, professional hair care products can cost more that the cheaper supermarket brands the little extra cost will pay off in big dividends.

If your hair tends to be mostly “dry hair” then it’s best to use styling products which contain “oily ingredients” that will impart a shiny luster to your hair.

However, you should always check the ingredients carefully first to see if doesn’t contain chemicals that could cause skin irritations and hair allergy.

So, it’s a good idea to always use products basised on “quality ingredients” instead of selecting a product based purly because of its popularity.

Most people are inclined to think by regularly shampooing their hair it will keep it clean and healthy.

However, frequently shampooing your hair could lead to damage and causing your hair to be dry and difficult to maintain. In truth, you should only clean your scalp when it feels dirty and lifeless in appearance.

If your hairstyle needs regular trimming it is recommended that you trim it every 45 to 60 days in order for you avoid any damage and split ends. A good point to remember is, longer hair (along with medium sized hair) is oftentimes more prone to “split ends” when its not cared for properly.

You should always make sure you visit a professional hairstylist who has cut and understands your hair to achieve the very best results. A word of warning: Never use inexpensive coloring and dyes to alter the color of your hair as it can contain harmful chemicals which may permanently damage your hair. It’s also a good idea to avoid changing the color of your hair.

Another good tip is to have your hair textured not only to give you a better appearance but it’s much easy when maintenaning and looking after your hair. You should never try and experiment by cutting your own hair at home because you will always get a better cut and apperance by a professional hairstylist.

Remember to that your hair will be subject to damage when it’s overexposed to the radiation of the sun. So in saying this… you should always use professional hair care products which contain a high SF factor in the sunscreen.

If you are among the people who are blessed with naturally curly hair, and you would like to change to a straight hair style then make certain you use a quality “hair straightening iron” and not one that’s meant to press and smooth-out your personal clothes. It’s not a good idea to go for a hair style requiring too much twisting and tightening of your hair because lead to excessive hair loss.

Endeavor to always brush your hair slowly and properly before retiring at night. It’s a good idea to allow it hang freely and you should remove any hair accessories so that it prevents any major twisting and tangling. Try and avoid using a blow dryer frequently to dry your hair as it can oftentimes weaken the hair cause much breakage.

One of the best things you can do for your hair is to massage your scalp often which will not only give you healthier looking hair but can even improve your hair through better scalp circulation. It’s best to use “natural chemical free oil” for massaging your scalp. One of the better ones to use is almond oil. Your fingertips are best for gently massaging your scalp but try and avoid rubbing your hair too much.