Flower Shop Operation

Flower has always been an eye catcher for anyone who appreciates beauty in nature. It symbolizes love, affection and peace. There will be lots of interpretation we can connect with the flowers but the most prevalent meaning is the extension of affection to someone who sees or receives it. Flowers can be very widely in demand on several occasions namely; Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday, Wedding Day, Graduation Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Anniversary, meetings or conferences, Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, Eid Al Fitr, Hannukah, and many other holidays. I don’t know of any places in the world that do not need flowers.

Due to the high demand of flowers, flowershop has been one of the most important shops to own especially in places where people celebrates these special occasions regularly hoa sinh nhat. Flower Shop can be in the commercial area, inside a hotel or in the comfort of your home. It can be built anywhere as long as the demand and supply of flower is available.

It is important that flowers are always available in the shop and buyers will be able to see and choose the type of flowers they need and the arrangements they require for the occasion. They should be kept refrigerated on certain level of coolness ranging from 38 to 42 degrees fahrenheit. This will keep the life of the flowers longer. Flowers should be kept in a bucket with water ensuring that the end of the stalk is cut regularly at least an inch to let the water go through. There should be different type of leaves available to match the required flower arrangement needed. Baby’s breath or similar will add to the volume and color to the arrangement as well. Usually flowershop has either roses or carnations available all year round. A flower catalogue for different type of flowers are usually available with flower supplier. Information as to the name and which month’s each type of flowers are available are clearly indicated at the book. From it you will be able to make your order accordingly and delivery will vary depending on where the ordered flowers are coming from or the origin of the supplier. If the order is coming from outside the country then the operator has to contact the supplier for the consignment paper to be able to pick them up from the airport loading area or the like.

Tools such as cutter, flower pot, plastic saucer, hanging pot and cords, thin wire, cello tape, clear or designed plastic wrapper, different types, colours and widths of ribbons, pedestal or any types and shapes of flower holder to make the arrangements are required to be always kept available. Of course without the sponges to hold the flowers in making the different type of arrangements will not be possible unless flower vase is needed rather than pot or saucer. There are different types of flower arrangement such as round center piece arrangement, one sided, flat center piece, pedestal, hanging and many other arrangements that may be required by the buyer or the occasions. Florist used two types of sponges, the wet sponge for fresh flower and the dry sponge for dried flower. The wet sponge is green in color while the dry sponge is brown.

Costing an arrangement will be the the most important part of flowershop operation..

1. Get the price per piece of; each type of flowers used, each leaves, each baby’s breath stalk, no. of sponges used, pot or saucer, labor ( time consumed in the preparation ), and other expenses incurred in making the arrangement.
2. Add them all together with a mark-up percentage or tax required.
3. Wrap the arrangement with a plastic wrapper gathering them from the top of the arrangement and tie it with ribbon. or any way you think will look presentable.

It is also important for the operator to be aware of the upcoming occasion or seasons in order to order the sufficient quantity of flowers for the week. Order of flowers is usually done on a weekly basis due to the life span of the cut flowers.

Creativity, aesthetic sense, and touch of professionalism add to the success of the flowershop operation.

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