Digital Asset Optimization Explained

The natural evolution of Search Engine Optimization is Digital Asset Optimization, or DOA. Digital Asset Optimization is the optimization of all of your online content, from start to finish. This includes audio files, images, presentations, video’s and even PDFs. All materials uploaded online have a keyword title, meta tag and a clear description that influence search engines. Search engines scour the web for words and phrases that match what searchers are seeking.

Once you’ve optimized your website, consider optimizing all of the content within your website. Remember this: if it can be searched, it can be optimized. Investing The goal is to improve your competitive advantage by increasing visibility within search engines. Every photograph on your website, each little graphic and even your company logos are searchable by name.

Make a list of all the keywords you use on your website. Remember to use those keywords within the content and properties of each file you create. Go through your files online, stop at a photo and right-click. Save the image to your desktop and take a look at the name. If the image is named photo123, keep in mind that name won’t help with your search engine rankings!

Begin by creating all of your files with optimization in mind before uploading the files on the web. Use keywords within the title to describe the contents within the file. Remember that almost every file you create has a “properties” option. Open up the properties and complete the information requested.

Here’s an example of how to adjust the properties of a .PDF

You have a new.PDF that needs to be uploaded to your company website:

1. Instead of naming the file Brochure.pdf you could name it Downtown-Austin-Pets-Riverside-Apartments.pdf

2. Go to File ->Properties and fill in all of the fields under the Description tab:

Title, Author, Subject, Keywords, and Additional Metadata

3. Add in important information like your company name, products or services, website address and if there is a copyright attached to the document.

As technology is developed, techniques to improve search engine ranking will become more time consuming to implement – especially if you have to work backwards. As you consider hiring agencies to produce images, ads, and content for online, remember to ask them about their DOA procedures. Those that take the time to develop and implement proper Search Engine Optimization and Digital Asset Optimization strategies in advance will be on the right track to reaching their business goals.


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